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SD UHS-II Host Controller


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The product is discontinued. For any queries, please contact,

SLS’s SD UHS-II Host Controller is a ultra high speed, SD 3.0 & UHS-II Addendum v1.02 specification compliant designed IP that addresses your needs for removable storage in a wide range of applications. IP Core is backward compatible with legacy SD interface and provides connectivity with removable storage media, including all types of SD cards. The SD UHS-II Host interface is based on a standard 32-bit Avalon bus which is used to transfer data and configure the IP, hence allows easy integration for Qsys based systems. IP Core can be configured for the multiple device compatibility, various internal buffer sizes, High/low speed range, Full or Half duplex mode, Legacy SD or UHS-II interface selection. The functionality of the IP Core has been verified using Altera ModelSim and SLS USB3.0 Development Board for it's high speed performance and backward compatibility. The IP Core’s register based high performance architecture employs power management techniques, making it ideal for low-power embedded applications.

Block Diagram:


  • Compliant with UHS-II Addendum v1.02
  • Compliant with SD 3.0 specification
  • Uses SLI30481 PHY chip for Physical layer
  • Supports 8 bit and 16 bit PHY interface
  • Supports Full Duplex and 2-Lane Half Duplex interface
  • Supports High Speed interface with data rate up to 156 MB/s for Full Duplex mode and 312 MB/s for 2-Lane Half Duplex mode
  • Supports Speed range selection using software
  • Supports Interrupt Driven functionality
  • Supports Point to Point for Single UHS-II device and Ring topology for supporting Multiple UHS-II devices
  • Supports integrated 32-bit DMA interface for Data transfer
  • Supports Low Power mode
  • Supports Hibernate mode
  • Supports Auto Detection of UHS-II Card, Legacy SD Card
  • Dual Buffer Mechanism for Data Burst Retry sequence
  • Configurable Buffer Depth to support different Burst Sizes for UHS-II Card

Note: * Standalone - without Avalon bus interface IP Core is also available on request.


Please Note: The implementations results can change upon core revision. Please contact for latest figures



ContentsEvaluation LicenseFull Development License
License Type One (1) month evaluation license at no cost
Note: License can be extended for another month after examining request (Evaluation Now)
Encrypted IP Core Perpetual license for development
Note: Other licensing schemes and source code are also available
Nios II HAL Drivers Embedded Nios II HAL Driver for accessing UHS-II (Object Code) Embedded Nios II HAL Driver for accessing UHS-II (Object Code)
Note: Source available separately on request
Technical Documents
  • IP Core User Guide
  • Hardware tutorial
  • HAL API User Guide
  • IP Core User Guide
  • Hardware tutorial
  • HAL API User Guide
Technical Support Pre-Sales support from support team 1 Year integration support for Altera Quartus II



  • IP integration support available with the purchase of full version
  • Additional support on chargeable basis for a period of 3 months or more
  • IP Core modification support available at additional cost


  • OpenCore Plus Evaluation : 1 month evaluation license at no cost
  • Full : 1 Year development license with full version purchase for single project and single site
  • Renewal : OpenCore Plus Evaluation license update at discounted price





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