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Stratix IV GX FPGA Development Kit(DK-DEV-4SGX230N),Stratix IV Board support package (BSP) provides developers with the easiest and fastest way to create embedded applications on the Stratix IV GX FPGA Development Kit, DK-DEV-4SGX230N (target) using the Linux operating system. This combination of hardware, firmware, and software form a complete package for building, downloading, and testing applications developed on a host machine.

Latest Release:
Linux BSP Version:
Linux Kernel Version: 2.6.34
BusyBox: v1.16.2
GCC tool chain Version: 4.1.2


  • Quick reference with ready to go pre built linux image and SOF
  • Reference hardware design for Stratix IV GX FPGA
  • Supported and tested Devices/Peripheral Driver
    • Ethernet : Altera TSE driver
    • Flash: Intel CFI Parallel Flash
    • Serial: Altera JTAG UART, Altera Serial UART
    • Altera LCD Controller
    • Altera SPI TouchPanel
    • SLS PS2
    • SLS SD Host Controller
    • SLS I2C Master
    • SLS USB2.0 Host Controller
    • PIO


Please go through the Stratix IV BSP User Guide.pdf [] before downloading Stratix IV GX FPGA Development kit BSP or its any directory


New BSP uploaded January 8th 2011, 7:00am PST




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