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Model No. PL1EDB2000200

Rating: Not Rated Yet

The product is discontinued. For any queries, please contact,

CoreCommander development board is unique in the industry. It features the Altera Cyclone III FPGA that provides more than enough room for almost any embedded design.

This flexible board comes with a suite of SLS IP Cores, drivers, and application software. Delivered as a complete package, the board and soft content ensures quick and easy implementation of industry leading cores with reduced risk AND at a very low cost.

Once you determine that an SLS IP Core will meet your design requirement - purchasing the complete core is easy with flexible licensing options.

CoreCommander can also host several other Altera created IP cores and with a very little effort host IP cores from other manufacturers and developers. SLS can work with you to compile and port your designs to this exciting development board.

Finally, CoreCommander is available as an OEM module for companies who wish to highlight their IP cores and software and create industry leading design kits.


  • Low-power consumption Altera Cyclone lll EP3C25F256 FPGA
  • 16-bit Memory interface
    • 1 Gbit NAND Flash (Hardware Support up to 4 Gbit)
    • 256 Mbit SDRAM
    • 8 Mbit SPI Serial Flash Memory
  • USB 2.0 ULPI/OTG Interface
  • USB 2.0 ULPI/Host Interface
  • 4 bit parallel SD Card interface
  • 36 General purpose I/Os
  • JTAG/Active Serial FPGA Programming Mode Selection
  • M25P16 for configuration
  • Two user LEDs
  • 1.7" 128x160 pixel TFT LCD with GRAM (on User Interface Board)
  • Six user programmable and one reset push-button switches (on User Interface Board)


  • Cyclone III Embedded Development Board
  • User Interface Board (with LCD and Keypad)
  • 2 GB SD Card
  • Two USB mini AB type Cables
  • USB BitJetLite Download Cable
  • 5V, 2A Power Supply Adapter
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • CoreCommander CD ROM


SLS provides ready to use reference design with the board with various IP Cores integrated and sample example applications to make the product prototyping easy and quick. Hardware and software components of the reference design and sample applications are explained in the block diagram below.

Hardware Software





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