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In today’s world of increasing demand for plug and play USB devices, SLS has come up with a programmable solution for USB 2.0. The SLS USB 2.0 device solution is comprehensive since the core is wrapped around with windows reference drivers, software application, utilities, standard reference designs and last but not the least extensive documentation.


Everything Needed to build a complete USB2.0 Device System





Comparison Table

Following table shows the difference among three variants of USB 2.0 Device IP Core.

USB IF Certification TID# 70710071 TID# 70680007 Under Process
Control Endpoint Hardware based Software based Software based
Bulk IN and OUT Endpoints Hardware based Software based Hardware based
Data Transfer Uses FIFO Uses RAM Uses FIFO
ULPI Support Yes Yes Yes
UTMI Yes* Yes* Yes*
Processor Interface No Yes Yes
External Processor Interface No Yes* Yes*
Endpoints Up to 15 Up to 15 Up to 15
Bus Interface - Avalon/AXI/AHB Lite Avalon/AXI/AHB Lite
Bulk/Isochronous/Interrupt Support Yes Yes Yes
Speed Support Full, High, Low* Full, High, Low* Full, High, Low*
Supported FPGA Family Intel, Lattice, AMD, Microchip Intel, Lattice, AMD, Microchip Intel, Lattice, AMD, Microchip
Note: * The interface can be provided based on request


Ready to Go USB Device Solutions

CoreCommander board provides on the go testing facility and allows to go for custom application development. It makes the evaluation faster and easier with its additional features and reference design comes within the package.

  • Mass storage
  • Video Device
  • Audio Device
  • HID Device
  • Host to Device Bridge
  • Host to Host Bridge
  • CDC Serial Device



  • High-end printers
  • High-end scanners
  • Digital Still camera
  • Video-conferencing
  • DVD R/W devices
  • LCD monitors
  • External mass storage device
  • DSL / Cable modems
  • Home Networking
    • Residential Gateways
    • File sharing
    • DVCRs
    • HDTV/PDP systems
  • Protocol translation
    • USB 2.0 to Ethernet
    • USB 2.0 1394 Bridge
    • USB 2.0 PCI Card
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