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Innovative Designs & Services

With the growing sophistication of advanced technology, we makes many breakthroughs in the research and development of design tools, IP cores, and products and solutions to help you achieve a winning product.

Our experts play an irreplaceable role to initiates your creative ideas and thoughts integrating in our product through innovation. Get more info.

Enrich Portfolio

Our product range offers some undeniable breakthroughs in the field of IP cores design and integrating services with consumer market

Our IP core expedite and enhance your design with the ready to go development boards and high level of end support by our support team. Get more info.


Standing at the forefront of today's global technology revolution, we have a world-class products, solution and services for designing, developing and integrating the prototypes and make them profitable at low cost. Get more info.


  • Intellectual Property (IP) development
  • IP Integration and system design
  • FPGA and SoC/ASIC design
  • Verification


Embedded Solutions

Mac OS X SnowLeopard
uCos II
Communication Class
Files System
Fast Ethernet

High Speed PCB Design

Whether it's a board design or a system design, increased complexity and reduced design time are the challenges our customers face. SLS board design team takes all responsibility/challenge with our clients to deliver the best quality designs at right time.

Application Software Design

Development platforms
Google Android
Direct FB
C++(Visual C++)
QT 4.X
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Welcome to SLScorp

Designing through Innovation


 What Clients say about us

The support services on the phone were commendable. Once we had SLS on the phone and in house they were very knowledgeable.

Erik Malone, Qualcomm (USA)

Your software & electronic hardware(PCB Design,assembly etc) design capability is world class.

S.K.Biswas, BHEL (Bhopal, India)

I would like to thank you for your excellent support and willingness to help. I am glad that I did get to know SLS.

Mauritz Zondagh, Saab (South Africa)

I'd like to congratulate the winners of the Echelon Innovator of the Year award. GreenWave Reality and SLS represent some of the very best customer benefits and technical achievements of the Smart Grid. 

Ron Sege, chairman & CEO of Echelon
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System Level Solutions Inc. 511 N. Washington Avenue,Marshall, Texas 75670. Ph: 001-408-852-0067