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Time-to-market and the need to integrate more functions in silicon are fuelling the SoC market's growth. Driving on an extensive portfolio of intellectual property, system’s knowledge and supporting different FPGA vendors such as Intel®, Lattice®, Microsemi® (Microchip), Xilinx®, SLS satisfies specific vertical markets need that meet a superset of application needs.

Based on customer's requirement, System Level Solutions development team deliver fully validated ready to deploy FPGA solutions. Our expertise helped 150+ customers across the globe to complete their product development in time to market.


Services that we offer

  • Intellectual Property (IP) development
  • FPGA turnkey solutions
  • ASIC-to-FPGA solutions
  • Product customization
  • Driver development


Expertise that we have

  • Architecture design
  • RTL coding (Verilog, System Verilog)
  • Functional verification
  • Validation on hardware platform
  • Circuit design
  • Excellent customer support
  • Serving customers for 15+ Years


Advantages that you will get

  • Partners of FPGA manufacturers such as Intel
  • In-house product development capabilities including board design, assembly and testing
  • Expertise in hardware & software work partitioning for optimum performance and cost
  • Experience in low, medium and high complexity designs
  • Well established and proven design methodologies & review processes
  • In-depth project management skills and timely delivery
  • Long term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements

 What Clients say about us

The support services on the phone were commendable. Once we had SLS on the phone and in house they were very knowledgeable.

Erik Malone, Qualcomm (USA)

Your software & electronic hardware(PCB Design,assembly etc) design capability is world class.

S.K.Biswas, BHEL (Bhopal, India)

I would like to thank you for your excellent support and willingness to help. I am glad that I did get to know SLS.

Mauritz Zondagh, Saab (South Africa)

I'd like to congratulate the winners of the Echelon Innovator of the Year award. GreenWave Reality and SLS represent some of the very best customer benefits and technical achievements of the Smart Grid. 

Ron Sege, chairman & CEO of Echelon
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System Level Solutions Inc. 511 N. Washington Avenue,Marshall, Texas 75670. Ph: 001-408-852-0067