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USB 2.0 Device, Software Enumeration FIFO Interface (USB20SF)

Model No. IPRUSB2SFP009

Rating: Not Rated Yet

The USB 2.0 Device, Software Enumeration FIFO interface (USB20SF) IP Core is a FIFO based USB 2.0 device core with 32-bit Avalon/AXI/AHB Lite interface and ULPI interface support.

Avalon/AXI/AHB Lite interface allows to manage the control transfer using software, provides flexibility, while FIFO interface allows to transfer the data over non-control endpoint ensuring highest throughput.

Block Diagram:


  • Device controller specific features
    • Supports LS (1.5 Mbps)*, FS (12 Mbps) and HS (480 Mbps) modes
    • Supports Control, Bulk, Interrupt and Isochronous transfers
    • Capable to support up to 31 endpoints (1 default control endpoint +15 IN/OUT endpoints)
    • Supports software configurable endpoints
    • Allows you to configure endpoints based on your needs
    • Supports Suspend, Resume and Remote Wakeup features
    • Supports Test modes (Test J, Test K, Test SE0 NAK, Test Packet)
  • Supports UTMI + Low Pin interface (ULPI) interface
  • The core has been optimized for popular FPGA devices and its functionality has been verified on the real hardware
  • Ease of Use
    • Ready to use component
    • Software controlled CONTROL endpoint
    • Simple FIFO interface to transfer data over non-control endpoint

-*Low Speed (1.5 Mbps) support for different FPGAs is provided on special request,contact for more details.

FPGA Supported:

FPGASupported Device Family
Intel Cyclone 10, Cyclone V, Cyclone IV, Cyclone III
Arria 10, Arria V, Arria II
Stratix 10, Stratix V, Stratix IV, Stratix III
Max 10
Microchip PolarFire, PolarFire SoC
AMD Ultrascale, Ultrascale+
Lattice Crosslink NX



  • USB20SF IP core's functionality is verified in simulation software using test bench written in Verilog HDL
  • The IP Core is tested with various USB 2.0 PHY Chip


ContentsEvaluation LicenseFull Development License
License Type One (1) month evaluation license at no cost
Note: License can be extended for another month after examining request (Evaluation Now)
Encrypted IP Core Perpetual license for development
Note: Other licensing schemes and source code are also available
Reference Design Included for respective Development board Included for respective development board
Demonstration USB Read/Write USB Read/Write
HAL Drivers Yes Yes
Sample Applications (with C code) Enumeration Enumeration
Encrypted IP Core design files with Control, 1-Bulk IN and 1-Bulk OUT endpoints Yes Yes
Drivers Windows Reference Drivers (object code) Windows Reference Drivers (object code)
Note:Linux Driver available on request
Software Library (Compiled version)
  • VC++
  • VC++
Technical Documents
  • IP Core User Guide
  • Hardware and Simulation Tutorial
  • Windows API User Guide
  • IP Core User Guide
  • Hardware and Simulation Tutorial
  • Windows API User Guide
Programming files generation support Time-limited (4 hours) Full programming
Technical Support Pre sales support from support team 1 Year integration support



  • One year IP integration support available with the purchase of full version
  • Additional support on chargeable basis for a period of 3 months or more
  • IP Core modification support available at additional cost


  • Evaluation : 1 month evaluation license at no cost
  • Full : Project based Perpetual License
  • Renewal : To continue support and getting future updates after a year of purchasing IP core, license renewal is available at nominal fees


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