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USB 2.0 Device with FIFO Interface (USB20HF)

Model No. IPRUSB2SFP002

Rating: Not Rated Yet

USB 2.0 device, FIFO interface (USB20HF) IP Core provides FIFO interface for endpoints and ULPI interface for Host communication. It supports 15 IN and OUT endpoints as per the USB standards which are configurable in Bulk, Interrupt and Isochronous modes as per the requirement. The core supports High Speed (480 Mbps), Full Speed (12 Mbps) and Low Speed (1.5 Mbps) functionality. It comes with three pre-configured endpoints - Control, Bulk IN, and Bulk OUT.

The core has been optimized for different FPGAs and its functionality has been verified on the hardware using EDA tools.


  • Complete solution comprising of core, software and board for easy and quick implementation
  • Reduced risk with proven, compliant technology
  • Premier direct support from SLS IP designers
  • Low system and license cost

Block Diagram:


  • Supports HighSpeed (480Mbps), FullSpeed (12Mbps) and LowSpeed (1.5Mbps) USB operation
  • Support ULPI interfaces
  • Supported FIFO interface for endpoint communication
  • Operated without processor
  • Preconfigured for 3 endpoints1
    • BULK IN
    • BULK OUT
  • Supports Bulk, Isochronous and Interrupt transfers
  • Hardware Based USB Enumeration
  • Supports different FPGAs
  • Optimized resource count
  • Implemented in System verilog RTL


1Additional endpoints support is available on additional charges.

FPGA Supported:

FPGASupported Device Family
Intel Cyclone 10, Cyclone V, Cyclone IV
Arria 10, Arria V
Max 10
Microchip PolarFire, PolarFire SoC
AMD Ultrascale, Ultrascale+
Lattice Crosslink, Crosslink NX


Please Note: The implementation results may change upon core revision. Please contact for latest figures


ContentsEvaluation LicenseFull Development License
License Type One (1) month evaluation license at no cost
Note: License can be extended for another month after examining request (Evaluation Now)
Encrypted IP Core Perpetual license for development
Note: Other licensing schemes and source code are also available
Reference Design Included for respective development board Included for respective development board
Demonstration USB Read/Write USB Read/Write
Utilities WinUSB based Application WinUSB based Application
Technical Documents
  • IP Core User Guide
  • Host BFM User Guide
  • IP Core User Guide
  • Host BFM User Guide
Technical Support Pre sales support from support team 1 Year Integration support



  • IP integration support available with the purchase of full version
  • Additional support on chargeable basis for a period of 3 months or more
  • Core modification support available at additional cost


  • Evaluation : Evaluation license at no cost
  • Full : Perpetual development license with 1 year technical support
  • Renewal : 20% of Full License fee to continue technical support


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