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HSMC E-Gasket

Model No. PL1S012000100

Rating: Not Rated Yet
Sales price: $89.00
Lead Time:
6-8 Weeks

HSMC E-Gasket is Altera standard High-Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC) to Altera standard Santa Cruz (SC) header converter. The purpose of this interface is to map signals to a common connector interface to allow for new multi-gigahertz differential signaling, slower single-ended signaling as well as power and ground.

Block Diagram:


  • Interface between HSMC and Santa Cruz expansion connectors
  • Two sets of Santa Cruz expansion connectors
  • Four SMA Connectors for external clock
  • One External power supply connector


  • HSMC E-Gasket Snap On Board
  • Stand off
  • CD ROM
    • Board Reference Manual
    • HSMC E-Gasket Usage Note
    • HSMC E-Gasket Schematic


Example Usage of the board

Connection of HSMC E-Gasket with Altera Cyclone III Starter Board

Note: Please read the important usage note before ordering the HSMC E-Gasket for using with

Cyclone III Starter Development Kit





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