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System Level Solutions provides turnkey solution to the customer based on their requirements. We intake your concept, creative ideas and vision to fetch them into real world which allows you to generate the revenue, build customer relation and new opportunities in this competitive market. At SLS, we focus on building applications using the software components that meet aggressive TTM (Time To Market) and TTV (Time To Volume). Our business model includes co-development of products where we share risk and revenue.

SLS has profound expertise in embedded solutions, system solutions and application solutions for a wide range of target platforms and operating systems, including real-time OS. We offer implementation of highly efficient multi-platform solutions and software migration from various software and hardware platforms.

 Embedded Linux Platform

 Android Platform

 Windows Platform
Embedded Linux

Linux solutions give freedom to developers and thereby leading to innovative solutions. However, based on our experience, device makers sometimes need to be supported during their ramp-up on this open source technology.  Expertise at SLS can help you acheive aggressive Time to Market.

Our main services are:

  • Linux Porting service

    SLS has worked on Linux upgradation and porting on ARM, MIPS and Nios II processor cores.  It involves writing the booting assembly scripts as per the architecture.

  • Device Driver Development

    SLS has an Expertise in writing the driver for USB Device, USB Host, ONFi, Ethernet, Touch screen, MMC/SD Card, Power managment Frame buffer, I2C, SPI, serial and many more.

  • Linux based product development

    SLS had successfully delivered finished the products on Server BIOS, Power line (Smart eneregy managment), Data Logging, IPTV, Digital Sattelite TV, Wi-Fi sensors and more.

  • Linux Application development

    SLS has experience in designing the application on DFB, GTK,QT, MPlayer, Wireless or Wi-Fi based applications.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on the Embedded Linux services and capabilities.



The Google Android is a feature-rich and flexible touch screen smart phone, and with the introduction of the Android Software Development Kit Google has created a platform for developers to produce innovative mobile apps for every conceivable business and service.

SLS has extended and used the Android in other industries like Smart TV, Industry Handhelds and Devices.  SLS has an expertise in working Android system for ARM and MIPS based processor.

Our main services are:

  • Device Driver Development

    SLS provides the driver development support under Android layer which can communicate with Underneath Linux OS. SLS can offer GSM/GPRS, GPS, Thermal printer, Bar code scanner, UWB, Smart Card, Camera,Audio, Wi-Fi, LCD & Touch panel driver development to Android's Native layer.

  • Android based product development

    SLS also offers industry standard protocol design on Android like MODBUS, CAN, GPIO, ADC and external library porting in android.

  • Android Application development

    SLS design a Android application for clients product like Smart TV, Medical device, PoS, education.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on the Android based services and capabilities.



SLS has vast experience in Windows .NET based technology and kernel driver development. Based on this, SLS enters in to Windows Embedded platform based product design and serving the customer by providing windows embedded base products.

Our main services are:

  • Windows Kernel programming for USB, PCI and VGA drivers

    SLS can offer in Windows Embedded KIOSK device design like Media player, HMI, Internet terminal and more.

  • .NET based Desktop application design

    SLS is working in .NET environment since 10 years and SLS developed software for education, test and measurement devices, OCR business and lot more.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on the Windows based services and capabilities.


Processor Support
Embedded Linux for Altera processors
Altera Processors:
Nios II
MIPS processors (Altera based)
MIPS Processor Cores:
ARM Processor Cores:
920T, 926EJ-S
ARM Processor Cores:
Atmel ARM based Processors:
AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9263
Embedded Linux for Freescale processors
Freescale ARM based Processors:
Texas Instruments ARM based Processors:
OMAP Processors:
Sitara Processors:
AM3517, AM3715
Ingeic MIPS Processors:
Allwinner Technology ARM based Processors:
A20, A64, A80, H3
AmLogic ARM based Processors:
AML8726-M3, S802, T826

 What Clients say about us

The support services on the phone were commendable. Once we had SLS on the phone and in house they were very knowledgeable.

Erik Malone, Qualcomm (USA)

Your software & electronic hardware(PCB Design,assembly etc) design capability is world class.

S.K.Biswas, BHEL (Bhopal, India)

I would like to thank you for your excellent support and willingness to help. I am glad that I did get to know SLS.

Mauritz Zondagh, Saab (South Africa)

I'd like to congratulate the winners of the Echelon Innovator of the Year award. GreenWave Reality and SLS represent some of the very best customer benefits and technical achievements of the Smart Grid. 

Ron Sege, chairman & CEO of Echelon
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System Level Solutions Inc. 511 N. Washington Avenue,Marshall, Texas 75670. Ph: 001-408-852-0067