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Ethernet MAC 10/100

Model No. PL1EDB2000103

Rating: Not Rated Yet
Sales price: $69.00
Lead Time:
6-8 Weeks

The Ethernet MAC 10/100 Add On Board is a GPIO interface board which plugs into the GPIO header of the CoreCommander board to provide the Ethernet interface to the CoreCommander board.

The board can also be used with the base boards having SantaCruz interface and HSMC interface.To know more about using the board with different base boards, refer Ethernet snap on board or download the Ethernet Add On board user guide

Block Diagram:


  • Ethernet MAC 10/100 Interface (PHY Chip DP83848M)
  • GPIO Interface compatible with CoreCommander
  • Five Debugging Headers
  • Crystal Oscillator of 25 MHz


  • Ethernet MAC 10/100 Add On Board
  • Ethernet Cross Cable
  • Installation CD
    • Ethernet MAC 10/100 IP Core (OpenCore Plus Evaluation version)
    • Board reference manual


Example Usage

Ethernet interface to the CoreCommander Board





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