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Select from various SLS Memory soft cores to quickly complete your system design.


  •  Compliant with UHS-II Addendum v1.02 & SD 3.0 specification
  •  Supports Full Duplex and 2-Lane Half Duplex interface
  •  Uses SLI30481 PHY chip for Physical layer
  •  Avalon bus compliant & Supports 8 bit and 16 bit PHY interface


SD/eMMC Host Controller

Supported Devices:

Cyclone, Cyclone II, Cyclone III, Stratix, Stratix II, Stratix GX


  •  Support SD 1-bit/4-bit communication mode
  •  Support SDHC ( SD High-Capacity Cards )
  •  Follows SD Physical Layer Spcification v2.0
  •  Avalon bus compliant


NAND Flash

Supported Devices:

Cyclone III, Cyclone IV E, Stratix IV GX


  •  Supports ONFI Standard command set
  •  Supports integrated 32 bit DMA interface selection
  •  Supports 8 bit data bus
  •  Supports source synchronous and asynchronous modes
  •  Multiplane (interleave) operation support


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